Papers and Presentations.

Failure to Warm
An entertaining narrative - highly recommended
October 2007380 k
Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United States
Climate prediction from a US data set
March 2008770 k
Solar Cycles 24 and 25 and Predicted Climate ResponseMarch 200640 k
The paper that started the solar-climate connection
Warming or Cooling?
The whole story in 800 words
September 2008100 k
Solar Cycle 24: implications and expectations
A Dalton Minimum-like outcome is now inevitable
March 2009160 k
The Future of Energy in Australia
Global warming as an issue is masking the
real problem - declining oil self-sufficiency
July 20092.4 Mb
Peak Oil and Climate ChangeOctober 20113.3 Mb

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David Archibald and Professor David Bellamy, City Beach, August 2008
Vaclav Klaus and David Archibald, Hradcany Castle, Prague